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After Rainfall
Here in Gujarat, India last couple of days continues raining overall every districts of Gujarat and many states of India. some of districts and their areas, villages are in trouble with heavy rains.
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The rural areas have some issues of flood, no electricity and much more. Many rivers have overflows and water surrounding over areas and villages. Rivers looking beautiful with dangerous water flood.

When i gone to show my farm, there was a river in my way. i take some pictures of river, my farm and some selfies. its looks pretty beautiful, but now all people have trouble with raining continuously.
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Mostly in rural areas and farmers wanted rain, because is theirs lifeline for living and earning. But these days rainfall going over and its harmful for farmers plants and fasal. Farmers needed it stopped now and they are working in their farm for fasal growth.

Here in my village last couple of days rain can't stop and over and over just water to shows. People have trouble to go out from home and do some work or anything.

Actually it's natural and Creations by God so always its looking beautiful with sides effect. In future its solved problem of water for farming, for drinking water and lots of for alive.
here are more natural views

Winners of OPEC 13.07.2017

The winners of the photo of the day of Overall Photographer's Edge Competition (OPEC) are beloved here.

Pedro Murillo Loras, Amit Dey, Shankar Bauri, Shailendra Arya, Junna Purwanto, Syaiful fata

Sourav Mukherjee, Shankar Bauri, Shailendra Arya, Junna Purwanto, Sorojit Bishwas, Peter Busuttil, Apratim Mukherjee, Amit Dey, Pedro Murillo Loras, Koravan Sreejith

Tiyan Septian, Harin Gohil, Cemile Aksoy, Pedro Murillo Loras, Hasyim J S, Finks Ahiroel Bakrie, Andreas Goschel, Saikat Chaterjee, Loreno Caponi, Junna Purwanto

Pedro Murillo Loras, Koravan Sreejith, Amit Dey, Augusto Cesar Chagas, Manis Nikte, Ashin Devinda, Cemile Aksoy, Lena woods

Peter Busuttil, Pedro Murillo Loras, Finks Ahiroel Bakrie, Hasyim J S, Ella Hoffmann, Petra Barnic, Koravan Sreejith, MD S Sabu, Ryiga Canjie, Shubhabrata Paul

Here are the winners of the best pictures of day of overall Photographer's Edge Competition.

Overall Photographer's Edge Competition is the competition for professional and beginner photographers worldwide.

Daily 10 best pictures selected for OPEC photo of the day. The photographers performed most winning in month they are qualified for monthly competition and their winning post shows on website and group cover page. Monthly winners post that shown on cover page is daily changed of every winner per day.

Group page rules and copyright are shown on group. How to participate and more information are available on group in different languages.

Our daily winners who wins mostly they are qualified for monthly compilation.

Thanks so much,
Regards of admin Team,
Admin Panels of OPEC